Bas Geertsema

Just wanted to let you know that during the past year we have been working really hard at the successor of our human capital management solution. Our new product has been re-architectured in order to be fully multi-tenant, scalable and highly reliable. This is a huge step forwards compared to our previous product (Human Capital Manager) and allows us to really deliver our software as a service; no old technology wrapped in adapters here. Besides the technological change we have also rebranded our product to ‘Bright Signals’.

For our first release we have focused on the assessment phase of workforce development. And we wanted that to be really good, robust and easy to use. We believe that with our software-as-a-service approach, ease of use and competitive pricing, our software offers interesting solutions not only for larger corporations but also for small and medium sized businesses. Businesses that would like to give more support and structure to the development of their employees, and possibly automate these processes along the way. In the coming months we will be expanding the feature set based on the requirements of our customers. As we look at our roadmap at this moment in time, we will most likely be adding more feature to support individual goal settings, (internal) courses and smarter interactive analysis tools.

There is a free trial in which you can experience Bright Signals in a demo environment which you might want to give a try. And as always we’d love your feedback. The service can be found here: (or for the dutch market: ).

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